Silicone Footcare

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Silicone Footcare

Anti-shock silicone insoles are designed to reduce stress to the joints and spine even under constant pressure. Silicone insoles are made of a skin-like medical grade silicone that resists to bacterial growth and does not dry out. It is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and odourless. It will not flatten under repeated pressure from walking or standing and it has a very long life expectancy. Silicone heel cushions are small pads that slip under the heel on top of the normal insole in shoes. The main objective of the silicone seat cushion is to act as isolation pads whereby they absorb some of the shock that passes through as the foot hits the floor when activities such as running or walking are undertaken.

Our Silicone Insoles offer forefoot and rearfoot comfort and pain relief due to the dual soft zones. A large central heel and anatomically contoured metatarsal region soft zone minimises the impact and shock with walking and running. These insoles are made with the use of medical grade silicone and are most durable for long lasting usage.The insoles can also be cleaned.

Features of Silicone Insoles

  • Made of medical-grade silicone, the metatarsal insole comforts the area of the foot where symptoms are most pronounced.
  • Helps reduce and absorb the shock with each step.
  • The raised pad applies compression to help decrease pressure.
  • Thin 3/4-length insole comfortably fits most shoes.

Raw material for Silione Insoles

  • Material Content: medical-grade silicone.
  • Imported.

WE manufacture following types of silicone footcare

We manufacture silicone based footcare products which provides maximum comfirt to foot. These are available in various sizes

  1. Silicon Insole (Pair) (S/M/L)
  2. Silicon Heel Cup (Pair) (S/M/L)
  3. Silicon Heel Pad (Pair) (S/M/L)