Gel Footcare Products

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Gel Footcare Products

The feet are especially sensitive to pressure after treatment or with certain foot disorders. Our pressure protection products from polymer gel adapt to the feet as if they were custom made. And they form the worldwide standard.. These products are cost effective, durable and are better than all available cushioning products. This material has exceptional gentle feeling on touch, which almost resembles the human body flesh. The rebounding effect of this material is more spontaneous than all the other contemporary available material like PU, Rubber or Sponge. these products can provide you comforts, which none other can. Its various range of unique products will help you in tackling problems, which were till now considered unsurmountable‏.

All gel design of soft vitamin-enriched gel to soften, soothe and protect skin. Superior cushioning, protection and relief for corns, calluses, hammertoes, nails and cuticles. Thin wall sides and thicker toward the tip with comfort vent for breathability. Trimmable, washable and reusable.The range we offer in Gel Products is known for quality and is popular equally in the domestic and international market.

Advantages of our Gel Based Products

  • Our foot care products,made of soft bio-gel material,can reduce the pain of your toes by preventing your toes from rubbing with each other
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Slim and lightweight.
  • Adapts to a wide range of body types pedicure  HAV Separator-SEBS Gel-Toe Seperator fits in all type of footwear and will not slide in shoe.
  • Medical grad gel material,meet CE and FDA standard,hihg quality and environmental raw material.

Following are the Gel based footcare products that we manufacture and  are available in various sizes (S/M/L)

  1. Plain Insole Pair (S/M/L)
  2. Heel Cup (Pair) (Standard)
  3. Heel Pad (Pair)(Standard)
  4. Toe Spreader (each) (S/M/L)
  5. Toe Separator (each) (S/M/L)
  6. Gel Arch (S/M/L)
  7. Gel Ball Soft (L)

Visit out online store for check the price and various type of gel products manufactured by us.