Eye prosthesis / Orbital Prosthesis

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Eye prosthesis / Orbital Prosthesis

Our ocular prosthetics department is backed with highly skilled technician and doctors to devlope an artificial eye customized for each patients. The team here fits and manufactures a complete range of custom-made ocular prostheses (artificial eyes).  A prosthetic eye can help improve the appearance of people who have lost an eye to injury or disease. It's commonly called a "glass eye" or "fake eye." Implanting a prosthetic eye (ocular prosthesis) is almost always recommended after an eye is surgically removed due to damage or disease.It has high value in Psychological Rehabilitation of patient.Eye or an orbital Prosthesis is are removable Prosthesis that artificially restore the eye,eyelids & surrounding bone & skin loss as a result of trauma.

The custom-made prostheses eyes, are made from high quality cross-linked acrylic (glass eyes can also be arranged) and are individually fitted (moulded). They are manufactured by the ocularist in the department at Moorfields and hand painted in front of the patient. This ensures continuity of treatment and eliminates the inaccuracies that can occur when the prosthesis is manufactured at a separate location.

The prosthetic eye includes:

  • oval, whitish outer shell finished to duplicate the white color of the other eye
  • round, central portion painted to look like the iris and pupil of the other eye

If you recently got fake eyes, one of your major questions on your mind is how to take care of your artificial eyes and the best way to handle and clean them. The good news is that ocular prosthetics can easily be removed and replaced with some practice. They are held in place by the lower and upper eyelids and fit to the interior of the eye socket. Most patients wear their prosthesis full time, removing only occasionally to clean, while other patients remove their prosthesis at night. Wearing full time is ideal.