Ear or Auricular Prosthesis

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Ear or Auricular Prosthesis

Losing part of the face or body can have a devastating effect. Prosthetic Innovations has a wealth of experience working in this highly specialised field, creating prostheses for patients who have structures missing due to disease, trauma or congenital anomalies.

The ear or part of the ear may have been lost as a result of birth defect, disease or accident. A silicone Ear Prosthesis restores the natural contours creating an excellent result. An ear Prosthesis is a non-surgical alternative methods of microtia ear. It is custom made by a specialist in prosthetics, called an Anaplastologist, to match the normal ear. The ear prosthesis is usually made of silicone from a mold of the normal ear and  hand painted to match the patient’s skin tones.Artificial ear or auricular prosthesis for partial ear or complete loss Ear can be fitted. The prosthesis can be attached to the head by an adhesive, or by clips or magnets which require a surgical procedure to implant these into the scalp.

The silicone prosthetic ears is fabricated by visually analyzing the prosthetic ear and the colors should match up with the patient’s skin. we decide which colors to apply for a better color match.

The materials: color pigments and silicone (a different type from the ones used for the intrinsic part of the ear).

The advantages of an ear prosthesis are:

  • A good anaplastologist can create a very realistic appearing ear
  • No surgery is required if the adhesive method is used
  • Only a small surgery is required if clips or magnets are used


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